Trinidad, April 10th 2015

Keturah is in a boatyard for a long and serious refit in anticipation of heading back into the Pacific Ocean. We are also working to raise funds in order to be able to spend more than one season there, as it would be a real shame to pass through Tuamotus, Marquesas, Tahiti in a hurry...
Not that we slacked off in the past (engine rebuilt in South Africa, hull repairs and a million more things) but after 36 years of floating, 9 of which spent on steady cruising a boat well deserves an inside-out look-over.
After the refit in Trinidad we hope to work a couple seasons here in the Caribbean and be then ready to go again (this will leave us plenty of time to address every single detail we may think of) heading perhaps for an in-depth cruise of Haiti (before tourism takes over), Jamaica etc. on our way to the Panama Canal.
Read on if you're interested in coming to cruise with us in the future or just enjoy the pictures!