crew for sailing, crew wanted, sailing crew wanted, sail crew, yacht crew, sailboat crew, sailing crew jobs, sailing ship crewA boat is a small floating community. Being able to function and thrive aboard depends on one's ability to adjust along a different time line, habits, priorities. Experience on boats isn't really necessary as long as one is able to adapt gracefully to a whole different way of living and doing things we take for granted in everyday life. Consideration for others, self-awareness, good humor, accepting instructions without taking it personal are virtues that come much ahead of knowing a number of knots or owning the 'right' sailing gear.
A cruising boat is also an exercise in economy of resources. Water, electricity, food, are to be used wisely as they are all hard to come by one way or another. Crewing on Keturah does not have the requirements of a job, neither is another form of 'army' life (far from it!), but there are of course priorities, common and uncommon guidelines and chores to attend/respect before everyone can just relax and go enjoy themselves. Nobody is there to cater to your needs or serve you, your participation and interest in every aspect of living aboard and running the boat as a communal effort is essential for harmonious living together and your own enjoyment. This is not a trip you're buying, and not a service you're using, this is an opportunity for you to experience the unique reality of a boat cruising around the world. You are boarding as crew-member in order to learn and experience how a cruising boat functions, you are required to adjust to it and not the other way around.

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